• Jeffrey Wing University of the Witwatersrand


We have reached July, and as this point in 2021 swiftly glides past its midpoint, stock-taking of what has been done and undone, in what we should have done and importantly what we have yet to do, is appropriate. In our last edition, I alluded to burnout in colleagues and now, in similar vein, burnt hospital (academic and others) and still burning shopping malls (som 160 in total) are the order of the day. The turmoil that we witnessed certainly forced us to step back (and this is indeed a massive step back in every sense), but as we can only live in the future, so it must be that we must brace ourselves to take even bigger steps as we proceed forward. Perhaps we can change our state of insurrection to something more akin to resurrection, not necessarily of the soul but rather of the system. And so, where to SA and where to JEMDSA 2022 and beyond – it should surely not be more of the same?