• Jeffrey Wing University of the Witwatersrand


Greetings to all our readers! This first edition of JEMDSA promises to be both insightful and instructive, if not disruptive. SEMDSA (after much consideration and debate) has produced a flurry of new (Hypothyroid), updated (Lipid and Osteoporosis) and revised (T2 Diabetes) management recommendations. Business codes have evolved significantly and apart from providing a framework of what is correct and ethical, it is now mandated that implementation must ensue – the world has moved from providing an idealised tick box (guidelines) to ensuring that on-the-ground change does in fact happen. The newer guidelines (are less misguided) and now provide us practitioners with better evidence-based options, but implementation is needed. The diabetes epidemic is certainly upon us and modern therapies that offer composite care (glucose control with fewer hypoglycaemic events and weight reduction) as well protective care (fewer cardiovascular events and even less renal disease) should be embraced. So a pat on the back for the elders of the guideline committees for taking these first steps in the right direction, but a kick somewhere else more distal and posterior for taking so long!